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  Mission Statement  

Wheatmore High School fosters a collaborative culture focusing on learning by modeling respect and school pride in a student centered environment.

Our Motto:

          Honor. Pride. Valor.


          Red and White



  About The School  


First Wheatmore School
First Wheatmore School


 Wheatmore, the country home of the Finch family of Thomasville, founders of Thomasville Furniture Industries, had been in the Finch family since 1857. The well-known centerpiece of the farm, a three-story Queen Anne style house, had been built in 1898. The Finch family, descendants of the Browns, one of the founding families of the community of Trinity, had been active in community and church affairs for decades. The home and its small predecessor housed the Wheatmore post office from 1891 until 1904, when the mail delivery became a part of the Trinity post office route. The sunporch of the house also served as a church: the Hopewell Methodist congregation met there for several years during the 1940’s after their sanctuary burned, until a new one could be built. A school was held at the farm for several years.Before it was known as a dairy farm, Wheatmore was known for the quantity and quality of wheat it produced. The image on this page is the first Wheatmore School.

The motto adopted was “More and finer wheat”.
Dan Warren

Wheatmore High School opened mid-fall 2009.  
Wheatmore High's first SENIOR class graduated in SPRING 2011.