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AP Chemistry Summer Assignments
Posted On:
Wednesday, June 14, 2017

AP Chemistry Summer Assignment


1.Join the Remind app (you can either get texts or app notifications, the app is better in my opinion). App instructions: Download remind app, join @wheatchem. Text instructions: text @wheatchem to the number 81010 

2.Go to and enter the first six characters of the code below:


3. Click on Covered Titles, then Science, then Brown/LeMay/Bursten Chemistry: The Central Science 12e MasteringPhysics, then Student Registration.

4.Accept the agreement.

5.Select whether or not you already have a Pearson Mastering account (you don’t unless you used it with a previous class). Then enter the entire access code from step 1).

6.Once you get to the page with the Log In Now button, click it.

7.Select Yes and enter the course ID WHSAPCHEM20172018

8.Click the assignments tab to view your assignments.  You need to complete the Winter Assignment by 8/28 in order to receive full credit.  The summer assignment will take 8-10 hours to complete and will count as your first test grade.

9.To access the book online, you can click the eText button to see the entire textbook in the online reader.  You may also pick up a hard copy of the book if you would prefer though you will probably not need it for the winter assignment.

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