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AP Calculus Summer Letter and Assignment
Posted On:
Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dear AP Calculus students,

I am excited to welcome you to the AP Calculus class of 2017-2018.  

The course will be taught within the fall semester timeline.  Basically, we have lost one third of our class time.  To help with the time crunch, you are required to complete a summer packet of Pre-Calculus review topics.  I have the specifics for completing this assignment included with this letter.  The hope is that you will revisit the Pre-Calculus topics during the summer so that you do not regress in your algebra and trigonometry skills.

Be aware that you may feel challenged by this math course even if you have not had difficulty in previous math courses.  The calculus objectives are brand new to you and then they are complicated by the requirement of all of your previous algebra skills.  For this reason, you will have practice work that often comes with answers to check by as you complete the assignment.  If your answer is wrong, then you rework the problem, weeding out any algebra mistakes.  You will then be responsible for seeking additional help from me, other classmates, or the internet.  Less class time will mean more time out of class for practice work.  Also, it will be your responsibility to attend tutoring sessions and/or to set up time with me for additional explanation or help.  Stay current with practice assignments so that you do not get overwhelmed with a misunderstanding that could have been corrected in an earlier assignment.  

We will finish the course in late January.  The exam will occur in early May.  So, some review time will  be necessary so that you can do your best on the exam which could enable you to place out of Calculus 1 at a university, a monetary value equivalent to the cost of three credit hours.  We will incorporate some time on a couple of Saturdays and after school during the spring semester for review as the exam date approaches.

AP Calculus will be an adventure.  I hope that you enjoy the ride!

I wish you all a very successful year!

Linda Binkley




  • I have provided a group of sections from the “R U Ready for Some Calculus” downloaded from  I included the sections B, C, E, G, I, K, M, and O.  Section C is just an information section that will be used in section E.  This is not new material; however, the instructions and the examples provided for each section will remind you how to work the independent problems.


  • There are 8 sections with 82 independent problems.  My time estimate for this assignment is 2.5 hours.  Of course, the amount you remember from Pre-Calculus will reduce the time needed to complete the assignment.  


  • All work should be shown as you work through these problems.  You should attach any extra paper you use.  I do not expect you to fit all of your work on the worksheets.


  • You may not use a calculator on any part of this packet.  Part of your AP exam is calculator inactive, so you need this practice.  Also, our tests will all have a calculator active and a calculator inactive part.


  • This work is due the first day of class.  There will be NO excuses and NO late work accepted.


  • You will receive a test grade for this assignment. I will be checking for correctness of answers. There are some unusual problems embedded in the independent work that will be counted as extra credit.



  • You can also go to and type the topic desired in the search command.  You will be able to watch someone teach the topic.





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