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Subjects Taught
Civics and Economics, Civics and Economics Honors


My name is Burton Kesler, and I am a lifelong resident of Asheboro. I graduated from Eastern Randolph High School, and went on to graduate with honors from Elon College, and am proud to say that I was among the last class to do so before it became a university. I earned my bachelor's degree in Social Science Education because I have always wanted to teach, and the social sciences offered the opportunity to explore the human story from a variety of disciplines including anthropology, sociology, psychology, economics, political science, and history. 

I enjoy teaching in Randolph County because of the many wonderful close-knit communities in which I have had the privilege to teach, and the support of parents, churches, businesses, and other organizations have given to our schools. I began teaching at Northeastern Randolph Middle School in 2002 where I taught Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Pre-Algebra. In 2006, I transitioned to Trinity High School where I taught Civics and Economics and World History until the opening of Wheatmore High School in 2009. I have also taught Adult Basic Education at RCC. Currently, I am highly qualified to teach all courses in the social sciences at the middle and high school grades, and am certified to teach AP European History.

My hobbies include reading books on a variety of genres and subjects, writing, drawing, painting, and hiking.