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Subjects Taught
American History I, American History II, Civics and Economics, Healthful Living


My name is Jonathan Evans.  I am a Physical Education Teacher at Wheatmore High School.  I have been at Wheatmore since the fall of 2014, following a stint at Ledford High School in Thomasville, NC.  Prior to that, I was a student at North Carolina State University (Class of 2012).  The subject that I currently focus on is Healthful Living.  In the past, I have taught American History I, American History II, and Civics & Economics.  Along with teaching, I am also the Varsity Softball Coach and an assistant for the football team.  My philosophy towards teaching and coaching is that every day offers a chance for improvement.  The additional pages on this site will do just that - help your child improve their knowledge of the courses which I teach.  If you need to contact me, my email address is