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Welcome to the Wheatmore High School Carpentry and SkillsUSA web site. I am Bruce Hunt and I look forward to working with all the students at Wheatmore. I have been working in the Construction Trades for 32 years and look forward to sharing the knowledge of the trade with our students.

About Me
I was born in Asheboro, NC and I have 14 years in education. I joined Randolph County Schools 2003. My hobbies include anyting outdoors. My favorite thing about Randolph County Schools: Great individuals that work thoughout the county.


Grading: Daily Participation 25%, Test 25%, Lab Projects 25%, Class Work 25%

Course Expectations:
1. Be in class on time.
2. Come to class expecting to have fun in a learning environment.
3. Have an open mind, express your ideas, and listen.
4. Participate in all aspects of this class.
5. Always attend to good housekeeping in the lab and classroom.